Madison, WI Staff

2015 Contact List


Contact name: Hartung John (President)

Office number: 608-829-x6004


Contact name: Phil Seston (Operations Manager)

Office number:608-829-x6063


Contact name: Brenda Hoffer (Accounting)

Office number:608-829-x6066


Contact name: Brittany McDonald (Accounting)

Office number:608-829-x6075


Contact name: Nickee Hartung (Accounting)

Office number:608-829-x6078


Contact name: Rhonda Scott (Factoring and Direct Deposit)

Office number:608-829-x6067


Contact name: Steven McDonald (Dispatcher)

Office number:608-829-x6075


Contact name: Pat Hinze (Dispatcher)

Office number:608-829-x6073


Contact name: Courtney Arbogast (Dispatcher)

Office number:608-829-x6079


Contact name: Sandy Larsen (Safety and Compliance Specialist)

Office number:608-829-x6062


Contact name: Eric Hartung (Dispatcher)

Office number:608-829-x6068


Contact name: Jake Earle (Dispatcher)

Office number:608-829-x6074


Contact name: Emilio Coffman (Dispatcher)

Office number:608-829-x6076


Contact name: Justin Spafford (IT Compliance)

Office number:608-629-x6080

































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