Servicing Our Customers and Business Partners for Over 25 Years

H & N Logistics, LLC, is the transportation division of Hartung Brothers, Inc. H & N Logistics, LLC provides timely and efficient transport of Hartung Brothers, Inc. produce to food processors around the United States and Canada. H & N Logistics, LLC is a licensed and bonded brokerage operation located in Madison, WI with additional locations in Bowling Green, OH, Uvalde, TX, Myakka City, FL and locations in Ontario, Canada. 

Hartung Brothers, Inc., our parent company, is a family owned and operated agribusiness. We have been developing a wide range of solutions for agriculture's producers and processors alike since 1975.

Quick Facts

  • Work with a company that has been in the business for over 25 years.
  • Option to get your load Quick Paid/Fuel Advance
  • Net Payment on all loads is 21 days
  • Our produce loads are one pick up, one drop loads.
  • Settlements are direct deposited
  • Need a load to get to our shipping locations? Let our brokerage team help get you where you need to be!
  • Our parent company Hartung Brothers, Inc. is the 7th largest producer of raw products in the United States. We have loads available in several locations across the United States and Canada during our harvest seasons.
  • What kinds of trailers do we have? Reefers, open tops, belt trailers, hoppers and tankers
  • What do we do? We are a large transportation company specializing in the transport of vegetables grown by Hartung Brothers Inc.
  • How does the brokerage department operate? H & N Logistics, LLC has many carriers who are dedicated to our company. The sole purpose of our brokerage department is to find backhauls for our dedicated owner operators to get back to our produce loads.
  • What are our largest operations? Our largest operations include shipping vegetables out of Ontario (Chatham), Texas (Uvalde), Michigan (Imlay City), Ohio (Bowling Green), and Florida (Myakka City)
  • What is the fuel at this week? Please click the "Fuel Surcharge" tab or the button at the top and bottom of the homepage that looks like a fuel pump.

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