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The H&N Logistics, LLC Brokerage Department functions to provide timely and efficient routing options to H & N’s fleet of independent owner operators. These owner operators, hauling primarily H&N owned equipment, require assistance to secure freight for the return trip to HBI grading facilities. This return trip needs to be executed in a timely manner to ensure the smooth flow of product from HBI’s grading facilities to our customers processing locations.

The H&N Brokerage Department also serves to provide HBI logistical service on heavy equipment moves, asset acquisitions and overall freight movements as requested. The H & N Brokerage Department works closely with the H & N Dispatch Department on many freight movements and procedural topics.  

The H&N Brokerage Department also works closely with the HBI Raw Products Group (RPG) to determine timing and information regarding product movement from HBI facilities to our customer locations.

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